I make black reflective paintings and sculptures that in turn have the ability to “see” or possess vision by reflecting the environment around it. I exhibit and use my paintings as a Claude Glass, an 18th century black looking glass that helped painters simplify colors, shapes and tones. My paintings are a way to re-see the surrounding environments and encourage viewers to look from the black space to ultimately see their surroundings through a different lens. I refer to this body of work as The Other Side of Black. Through my studio practice and interest in material studies, I have developed a way of pouring this enamel latex paint to form a highly reflective surface.

Over the years I have taken multiple directions with the work. In 2012-2015, I made videos and photographs from the surface of the paintings by focusing a camera on the dynamic, colorful reflections that come from surrounding environments. From 2015-16, I painted the reflection of objects onto my paintings until the natural light changed and I had to abstract the reflection.  Seeing through black has both historical precedents and current relationships to technology. As part of my Creative Renewal Fellowship and an effort to develop my paintings, I studied contemporary screen designs, Rembrandt’s use of black paint , and painting techniques from the Dutch golden age.