Painting with light = photosynthesis

Inspired by making drawings during the day and the love of cooking to feed my family, I developed ink from black beans. Black bean dye is Anthocyanin dye; a water-soluble red to blue pigment that comes from a flower or plant such as blackberries, cherries, blueberries, mulberries and black beans. Anthocyanins create electrical energy because they are a phytochemical, specifically flavonoids, which are essential to the plants biosynthesis and defense system. These pigments are used in solar panels a way of intersecting with light to recreate photosynthesis. Since researching my black bean ink and anthocyanins, I have set out to make contemporary paintings that use organic dye and nanotechnology to create electrical energy. Follow my process with me here and I am always looking for project collaborators. Feel free to contact me!  Special thanks to Arts Council of Indianapolis for making this possible through the DeHaan Artist of Distinction Award.